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With decades of consulting experience, zSquad security professionals can assist you in identifying and solving your most critical information security needs. Our experience comes straight from the trenches. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, we do not borrow your watch to tell you what time it is. We bring leading-edge knowledge in many industry sectors in the areas of assessment, strategy, technical architecture, organizational design, policy development and system implementation. zSquad offers a unique combination of management and technical expertise in the field of information security. Our service offering focuses on high-end, challenging consulting opportunities where our expertise can be applied. For more information, please contact

Do your security initiatives align with corporate goals and business drivers? Has your security program lost focus or direction? Do you need to establish a more robust security presence within your organization? Our professionals are adept at looking holistically and thinking strategically. zSquad will design a security strategy that incorporates the key objectives and metrics you are seeking. For example, short-term and long-term initiatives, funding requirements, technology recommendations, best-practices, organizational requirements, policies and reporting. zSquad is experienced in designing large scale security architectures incorporating virtually all aspects of the security technology "stack". Our Security Architecture services focus on designing and planning single-vendor and multi-vendor solutions. If you are planning a large or complex deployment, our expertise will save precious time and money. Risk/Vulnerability Assessments are powerful yet flexible engagements that can be designed to suite your specific business requirements. From large one-time assessments to recurring vulnerability scans, we can design and execute an assessment program that is aligned with your business requirements. These programs can contain one or more of the following assessment techniques: automated scanning, manual assessments, inquiry and observation, and social engineering. Are you confident about your security controls? Looking to justify your budget requests? Penetration testing continues to be one of the most effective and sought after engagements. Our team will perform a combination of manual and automated tasks to attempt to penetrate external and/or internal security controls. Our penetration testing methodology includes focused testing in the areas of networks, hosts, operating systems, applications, remote access and social engineering. With an increased number of applications moving to the Web, it is becoming more important to understand and assess web application security. Our expertise is focused JAVA and .NET application assessments, web vulnerability assessments, and web services (XML, SOAP, SSL, etc.) security. zSquad can help you with the design of secure Web applications as well as pre-go-live and post-go-live application security testing.

We also offer classes on writing secure code (so your developers produce better code and eliminate vulnerabilities at the root). We can train your inhouse security team to conduct application assessments, thus enabling you to reduce your outside consulting budget and become more self-reliant. Business moves fast. Often, asset tracking is not a top priority. It is easy to lose track of what you have. Our professionals can catalog all of your network accessible assets in a matter of hours. We can provide a one-time asset inventory or recurring scans which will keep your asset inventory current. Your assets will be cataloged in a web-based database application for dynamic reporting and searching. We will discover all of your network accessible networks, hosts, operating systems, applications and modems. Should the unthinkable happen, you may need the services of experienced forensics examiners and incident responders. The extensive experience of zSquad will always be available to you on a 24/7 basis. Running digital forensics, preserving chain of custody, developing or managing your incident response process --all can be outsourced to zSquad's experienced team.
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