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  Our Belief

zSquad was founded on the belief that we must fulfill our social responsibility as a corporate citizen and give back to the industries and communities in which we serve. We have a history as a socially responsible organization that has sponsored local community-based programs, and believe that we can do well by doing good.

If you represent a non-profit we would be very glad to assist you to secure your organization. The fact that you are doing good does not make you any less a target for Internet criminals. Because of your limited resources, it is more likely that the confidential information you retain may be an easier target then a company with a security budget. If this is true, feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to talk to you and (if feasible) meet with you to evaluate and discuss your security needs. We are a Boston based company and can only provide pro-bono services within Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. We wish we could do more but our limited resources do not allow us to do so. But if you have any questions, we are always just an email away.

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