Software Development

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Why hire an Information Security Company to do your software development?

Because no experienced Information Security professional started out as an Information Security profession.  We all spent the majority of our careers in some other discipline of I.T.  At zSquad, our principals spent over 20 years as System Administrators and Software Engineers. Our Software Architect designed and coded software for giants such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Cullinet Software and Lotus Development Corporation. Our code is running "behind the scenes" in many online services.

zSquad has helped build a stronger America by building and funding The Layoff Support Network (which is the largest privately funded effort of its kind). The LSN was specifically commissioned to help people caught in the recession. All coding was done by zSquad. The Layoff Support Network is also 100% funded by zSquad.

Have an unusual project? We started as Assembler programmers before the other programming languages were invented. Projects have included: C, C++, Java, PHP, J2EE, Python and Ruby. Platforms include: Windows, OSX, Linux, iPhone, Android, Facebook Apps and others.

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